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Hope Top
Hope Top
Hope Top

Hope Top

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The Hope top is made in a sheer metallic organza, it has a standing collar and buttons at the back with pearl buttons and at the cuff. It can easily be styled with a white tank top or a crop top. Here it's seen worn with the Lucia pants. 

Delivery: Ships within 2-6 days. Need it sooner? Contact us. 

COLORS: Sheer Silver White

COMPOSITION: 100% organza of Indian origin. Garment is made in India. 

CARE: We recommend dry clean only. 

Size Guide
Our size
Bust Fits Between77.4 - 80 cm30.5 - 31.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 61 cm24 inch     
Bust Fits Between80 - 82.5 cm31.5 - 32.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 63 cm24.5 inch     
Bust Fits Between82.5 - 85. cm32.5 - 33.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 64 cm25 inch     
Bust Fits Between85 - 90.1 cm33.5 - 35.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 65 cm25.5 inch     
Bust Fits Between92.7 - 95.5 cm36.5 - 37.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 66 cm26 inch     
Bust Fits Between97.7 - 100 cm38.5 - 39.5 inch       
Total Length from HSP 67 cm26.4 inch     
Bust Fits Between102 - 105 cm40.5 - 41.5inch       
Total Length from HSP 68 cm26.7 inch