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Elle Set
Elle Set
Elle Set
Elle Set
Elle Set

Elle Set

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The Elle set consists of a classic "pyjama style" shirt with contrasting piping. The silk twill fabric and vibrant color elevates the pyjama silhouette and paired with the matching shorts it can easily be for a festive occasion as well. 

COLOR: Lilac with red piping.

COMPOSITION: 100% silk twill. Garment is made in India. Please note that silk is a natural fabric and the weave can sometimes be irregular, especially on a finer silk as used for this dress.

CARE: Dry clean only. 

Size Guide
Our size
Length from Neckline:66.7 cm26.013 inch
Shoulder:37.05 cm14.4495 inch
Bust:94 cm36.66 inch
Short Waist61 cm23.79 inch
Length from Neckline:67.15 cm26.1885 inch
Shoulder:37.65 cm14.6835 inch
Bust:96.5 cm37.635 inch
Short Waist63.5 cm24.765 inch
Length from Neckline:67.6 cm26.364 inch
Shoulder:38.25 cm14.9175 inch
Bust:99 cm38.61 inch
Short Waist66 cm25.74 inch
Length from Neckline:68.5 cm26.715 inch
Shoulder:39.5 cm15.405 inch
Bust:104 cm40.56 inch
Short Waist71 cm27.69 inch
Length from Neckline:69.4 cm27.066 inch
Shoulder:40.75 cm15.8925 inch
Bust:109 cm42.51 inch
Short Waist76 cm29.64 inch
Length from Neckline:70.3 cm27.417 inch
Shoulder:42 cm16.38 inch
Bust:114 cm44.46 inch
Short Waist81 cm31.59 inch
Length from Neckline:71.2 cm27.768 inch
Shoulder:43.25 cm16.8675 inch
Bust:119 cm46.41 inch
Short Waist86 cm33.54 inch