Calie Dress – 'Malie
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Calie Dress
Calie Dress
Calie Dress
Calie Dress
Calie Dress

Calie Dress

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The Calie dress has a drapey neckline and has the interesting feature of two straps one on the shoulder, one falling down from the shoulder. 
The open back is the perfect depth, with the straps crossing and can be tied as preferred. The dress is midi length and is slightly body conscious in its silhouette. The Calie dress also comes in a intriguing orange. 

Size Guide
Our size
Length from Neck Point:116.8 cm45.552 inch
Bust76 cm29.64 inch
Waist68 cm26.52 inch
Length from Neck Point:117.1 cm45.669 inch
Bust78.5 cm30.615 inch
Waist70.5 cm27.495 inch
Length from Neck Point:117.4 cm45.786 inch
Bust81 cm31.59 inch
Waist73 cm28.47 inch
Length from Neck Point:118 cm46.02 inch
Bust86 cm33.54 inch
Waist78 cm30.42 inch
Length from Neck Point:119.5 cm46.605 inch
Bust91 cm35.49 inch
Waist83 cm32.37 inch
Length from Neck Point:121 cm47.19 inch
Bust96 cm37.44 inch
Waist88 cm34.32 inch