Vico Top – 'Malie
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Vico Top
Vico Top
Vico Top

Vico Top

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The Vico top is a fitted bandeau style top with attached sleeves on the side. It has hand draped detailing and a frill that comes out from the waisted cutline. It's made from 100% silk taffeta and is zipped at the back.
Size Guide
Our size
Length (Bandeau):42cm16.5 inch
Bust Between 71-74 cm28-29 inch
Length (Bandeau):43.2 cm16.848 inch
Bust Between 76.2-81.28cm30 -32 inch
Length (Bandeau):43.5 cm16.965 inch
Bust Between 82.55-85 cm32.5-33.5 inch
Length (Bandeau):44.7 cm17.433 inch
Bust Between 86.36-88.9 cm34 - 35 inch
Length (Bandeau):45.9 cm17.901 inch
Bust Between 90.17-92.71 cm35.5-36.5 inch