Regina Dress – 'Malie
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Regina Dress
Regina Dress
Regina Dress
Regina Dress
Regina Dress

Regina Dress

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The Regina dress features elasticated design across the chest and puff sleeves with elasticated cuffs,  sleeve length is just below the elbow. It's crafted in crisp 100% silk taffeta, has a voluminous frill at the hem and is ankle length. As for styling, you can wear it on and off shoulder as you please.

Size Guide
Our size
Length from Neck Point132.2 cm52.1 inches
Bust (RELAXED)64 cm 25.2 inches
Sleeve51 cm20 inches
Length from Neck Point:132.6 cm52.2 inch
Bust (RELAXED)66.5 cm26 inch
Sleeve 51.5 cm20.3 inch
Length from Neck Point:132.9 cm52 inches
Bust (RELAXED)69 cm 26.91 inches
Sleeve52 cm20.5 inches
Length from Neck Point:133.5 cm52.6 inch
Bust (RELAXED)74 cm30 inch
Sleeve53 cm21 inch
Length from Neck Point:135 cm53 inch
Bust (RELAXED)79 cm31 inch
Sleeve 54 cm21 inch
Length from Neck Point:136.5 cm53.7 inch
Bust (RELAXED)84 cm33 inch
Sleeve 54.8 cm21.6 inch
Length from Neck Point:138 cm54.3 inch
Bust (RELAXED)87 cm34.3 inch
Sleeve 55.6 cm22 inch