Manica Dress – 'Malie
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Manica Dress
Manica Dress
Manica Dress
Manica Dress
Manica Dress

Manica Dress

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The Manica dress features a statement ruffle as a v-neckline front and back and has the same statement ruffle at the hem of the dress.

It's crafted in 100% silk taffeta, is fitted at the waistline and is ankle length.

COLOR: Bright Red.

COMPOSITION: 100% silk taffeta, Indian origin. Garment is made in India. Please note that silk is a natural fabric and the weave can sometimes be irregular, especially on a finer silk as used for this dress. 

CARE: Dry clean only. 

Size Guide
Our size
Length from Neck Point:126.1 cm49.179 inch
Bust:78.5 cm30.615 inch
Hip:80.5 cm31.395 inch
Length from Neck Point:126.4 cm49.296 inch
Bust:81 cm31.59 inch
Hip:83 cm32.37 inch
Length from Neck Point:127 cm49.53 inch
Bust:86 cm33.54 inch
Hip:93 cm36.27 inch
Length from Neck Point:128.5 cm50.115 inch
Bust:91 cm35.49 inch
Hip:98 cm38.22 inch
Length from Neck Point:130 cm50.7 inch
Bust:96 cm37.44 inch
Hip:103 cm40.17 inch