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Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt
Elle Shirt

Elle Shirt

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The Elle shirt is a classic "pyjama style" shirt with contrasting piping. The silk twill fabric and vibrant color elevates the pyjama silhouette and paired with the matching pants or shorts it can easily be for a festive occasion as well.

COLOR: Lilac with red piping.

COMPOSITION: 100% silk twill. Garment is made in India. Please note that silk is a natural fabric and the weave can sometimes be irregular, especially on a finer silk as used for this dress.

CARE: Dry clean only. 

Size Guide
Our size
Length from Neckline:66.7 cm26.013 inch
Shoulder:37.05 cm14.4495 inch
Bust:94 cm36.66 inch
Length from Neckline:67.15 cm26.1885 inch
Shoulder:37.65 cm14.6835 inch
Bust:96.5 cm37.635 inch
Length from Neckline:67.6 cm26.364 inch
Shoulder:38.25 cm14.9175 inch
Bust:99 cm38.61 inch
Length from Neckline:68.5 cm26.715 inch
Shoulder:39.5 cm15.405 inch
Bust:104 cm40.56 inch
Length from Neckline:69.4 cm27.066 inch
Shoulder:40.75 cm15.8925 inch
Bust:109 cm42.51 inch
Length from Neckline:70.3 cm27.417 inch
Shoulder:42 cm16.38 inch
Bust:114 cm44.46 inch
Length from Neckline:71.2 cm27.768 inch
Shoulder:43.25 cm16.8675 inch
Bust:119 cm46.41 inch